Bring friends and family together to celebrate your Youngling's birthday.

This amazing Virtual Star Wars party is the culmination of ten years of Jedi Training entertainment, and been enjoyed all over the globe.

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Don't Let Lockdown Spoil The Party



The fact that we are all having to be ware of social distancing, does not mean that we should let our childnre miss out on their 'Special Day' celebrations.. In fact now, more than ever they need to feel connected with friends and family, and be assured that they matter.


A Remote Jedi Party is where your child meets up with all their friends and family, to have a party that is 'Out of this world!'


Jedi Master, Obi-Two Kenobi, joins you from the Millenium Falcon spaceship, and leads you through an hour of non-stop activities, training and amazing bespoke elements, all designed to amaze and thrill your child and their friends.


You spend an hour meeting lots of the Star Wars characters, you will be trained with Lightsabers, be alerted by special transmissions, amused by Jedi jokes, challenged by Star Wars quiz questions (age appropriate) and more .


You can invite as many friends and family to be guests and participate as many as you want, as you all tune-in remotely from the comfort of your own homes to the other side of the Galaxy!


It's an amazing way to get all your friends and family to celebrate your special younglings day, and to mark a truly memorable year for all the right reasons!

May the force be with us.





What other word expresses how freakin great that was! 


Thank you for developing this, making it virtually and going global! Younglings and parents were thrilled, all smiles and so energized! A beautiful way to celebrate a COVID birthday with friends. 

PLEASE NOTE - This is a fan-based enterprise and has no affiliation with DISNEY or LUCASFILM except for it's love for all things Star Wars. Please see Disclaimer at the bottom of each page.
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