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The climax of any Star Party has to be the Birthday child's chance to wield the Jedi's lightsaber and take on a Sith Lord... 

It's an incredible show, with lights down low all you see is the flashing blades, and hear the humming swoosh and electric clash as they collide..

It's an experience that everyone remarks upon, and one that your child will treasure for life...

What is a Jedi Academy Party?


About Star Parties

Star Parties have been running for over ten years now, and can boast a special reputation.

Renowned for providing quality parties, run by a professionally qualified teacher, and father of two boys!

This makes such a difference when dealing with kids (and adults!), and party after party our parents feedback to us just how incredibly well controlled and fun the events are.

Andrew has over 30 years of experience working with young people. He loves what he does, and that infectious enthusiasm, professionalism and high standards really shine through.

A Star Party is truly an unforgettable experience that gets talked about by parents and children alike for months and years afterwards..

We never grow tired of the positive feedback and glowing references we receive, and can honestly say that everyone is 100% happy with their Star Party experience ...

Quite simply 'The BEST PARTY EVER.....!'

Star Jedi Master

& Sith Lords

You're never too old to start having fun!

After several years teaching primary, secondary and then special needs, I found that I felt a calling to help inject some FUN back into childhood.

Through incorporating my passions and skills in media, music, acting, coaching & teaching kids I have found my 'sweet spot'!

I'm so very grateful to be able to share my passion, skills and sheer joy at creating exciting activities & events for kids, and the feedback from parents has been incredible...  

"EVERY KID IS A STAR - Let's show them!"


Obi Two Kenobi

aka Andrew Guest

Do you have what it takes?

After training you may think that you possess all the Jedi skills required to defeat a Sith Lord..


But do not underestimate the Power of the Dark Side..

Our Sith Lords and Storm troopers are trained asssitants having performed hundreds of hours of light saber combat. They pride themselves on making an awesome spectacle, whilst knowing how to adapt their fighting style to their opponent to make it safe and enjoyable for all.

"You are not a JEDI yet!"


Darth & Kylo

Obi Two Kenobi
Sith Lords
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