Do you know a child that would really love to meet a Jedi Master & Darth Vader?

As part of our work, we like to offer 10% of our time and profit, to those in need.

If you feel that we could help out then please do contact using the form below and we will discuss your ideas, needs and requirements.

Previously we have attended Hospices, Children's Homes, SEN Schools and visited children at home. We've been grateful to assist parents of seriously ill children, to help provide a treasured memory amongst the emotional trauma of their difficult situations.

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What can I you expect?​

Each event will be tailored to your needs. Depending on the venue, number of children/guests, and personal needs we will create something that will work for you. A simple appearance may be where Darth Vader emerges at you home, from his 'Shuttle' (van) and then the Jedi Master hands your 'Apprentice' a lightsaber to battle him with. Or it may be that a full on event is organised, with 2 hours of Jedi entertainment given to a large number of guests.


What else can we have?

All guests can have their photo taken with the characters, and we can provide a green screen and take photographs of all your chosen one(s) (in costumes if desired).

Can you come to my home?

Yes we can appear anywhere you choose, and take over for half an hour or so. hotels, marquees, kitchens..  

What is the fee?

There will be no fee for your event, although any help towards petrol would be gratefully received.  Get in touch if you are organising a large event or wish to discuss a bespoke event.

What do YOU do now?

If you would like to express an interest in having an event please contact us using the form below, and we will get back to you with an answer asap.

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that we can attend, as it will depend on our location, previous bookings, and how many other Charity Events we are trying to attend. As we are not 'funded' our time and resources are limited I'm afraid.

Who gets chosen each month?

We offer our Charity Events on a 'most needs' basis, alongside our availability and location.   Are sincere apologies if we are unable to assist you this time.

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DISCLAIMER -  Star Kids parties provide lookalikes, characters and impersonators based on books, films, classic fairytales and folklore. We are in no way affiliated with any company, brand, licensed character or attraction park nor do we claim to be. It is not Star Kids parties intention to violate any copyright laws. We can only accept bookings off individuals who are aware of this. If you require a licensed character please contact the license holder. 

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